Snow Place like PC

Snow Place like PC

Ashleigh Bethea, Staff Writer

Top 10 Reasons to love snow at PC

While we know most of you hid in terror during the worst of this unimaginable blizzard, we hope that you will take a moment to appreciate the winter storm and all of the resulting benefits.


1. Tool for self-expression – Everyone loves expressing themselves, but spray paint it expensive (also graffiti is illegal) so what better medium than snow? The campus is your canvas. Take advantage – be creative! Just try to keep your art “pc” okay?


2. Here today gone tomorrow – One good thing about the South: if you hate cold weather just wait. Chances are it won’t be here for long. The ephemeral nature of our miraculous wintery paradise imbues the event with a deeper level of meaning and makes us cherish rather than scorn the weather.


3. Beautiful – Snow, even in its sparsest form, is majestic and awe-inspiring. No one wants to miss PC looking like a powdered doughnut, so hipsters man your i-phones and are sure to capture every moment of this rare event.

4. Canceled classes/delayed assignments – Now, of course, no one actually feels good about having classes canceled. The students are just grateful that their hard-working instructors are safe at home and not trying to risk the perilous roads to ensure our further education.



5. Frozen reenactments – That’s right Disney fans, its time to don your snow boots, grab your reindeer and get out there to show everyone how well you’ve memorized the lyrics to “Let it go.” Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself, we guarantee you won’t be the only one.

snowflake comic

6.  Laughing at southerners overreaching to weather – There’s nothing quite as endearing as seeing bread and milk aisles completely decimated by anxious southerners. Bless their hearts.

polar bears

7. Snow Snuggles – Want to cuddle a cutie but can’t wait until February 14th? Fret no more, my fellow romantics. Cold weather is the perfect excuse to get close to that special someone. Just sort of accidentally leave your gloves in your room and then slip your hand into your crushes hand or coat pocket. I’m sure they won’t mind. It’s the weather’s fault, right?


8. No skunks, no problem – As the temperature drops so does the appearance of a certain odiferous creature on campus. Enjoy your brief freedom to walk around at night while the skunks huddle for shelter under the nearest building (hopefully not yours).


9. Fashion – Remember that lovely sweater your grandma gave you over the break? Now is the perfect time to bust that bad boy out and grace the campus with a near lethal dose of your swag (whatever that is). Another bonus: all the money you spent on that glamorous pea coat is now completely justified.

hot choc
10. Campus-wide bonding – As a student body, we are united in the snow. The weather brings the campus together to appreciate the little things in life, like hot chocolate and companionship in GDH. Whether it’s a shared blanket or a friendly hand offered to a fallen peer, we at Presbyterian College are, as always, personally committed to each other.




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