Real PC Advice

Real PC Advice

Meg McGill, Staff Writer

We hear a lot of advice about surviving at PC:  “work hard, party hard”, “smile at everyone”, “no phones in GDH”, etc. But, somehow I’m a senior and very little of that advice has ever actually been helpful. It’s 2014 and I feel entitled to teach a bit from my experiences. And we academic folks do love a good list so, here’s my list of real PC advice, the stuff that will actually help out (listen up freshmen and perspectives)…

5) Loving PC is not the same as liking PC.

You won’t always like this place. Trust me; it’ll get to you some days. But, you’ll love PC. It’s definitely time for them to seriously consider adding a “for better or worse” clause in the Honor Code.

4) Use your words.

Don’t spend all of your time hanging out with one group of friends or only working in one office or only taking classes in one department. Talk to your professors, even in GDH, you’ll meet more of the professors. Talk to the students in your Gen Ed’s, even when you’re out at the houses, you’ll meet more of their friends. Talk to your boss, even in BiLo and at church on Wednesday night, you’ll meet their Clinnonite friends who are really great people. Talk to the people you see cleaning and fixing your dorms, working in GDH and Springs, working in Smith, working in Community Life,… Mainly talk to everyone you see on this campus because they will teach you how real life works.

3)  PC is not real.

That should shock no one. How your life works here is not how your life will work in the real world. Due dates for bills are final and missing them is costly. Cops will not come help with the bats in your attic. Professional contractors don’t come fix your maintenance concerns when you’re a slob in real life. There is no Provost to ask advice from. No boss will ever let you do your homework during work hours again. It’s not the same rules, so take advantage of this place while you can.

2) Clinnon is not in the middle of nowhere.

Anyone who thinks that needs to take another look. You have a rare chance to live driving distance from a lot of great places. Don’t be afraid of the suitcase college, there’s a lot out there to see! PC may be a Geographical anomaly but that’s actually a pretty cool thing!

1) Fear nothing.

This is a once in a lifetime chance. You have four years to have fun, meet great friends, travel to amazing places, set up a network of contacts, learn a lot, and prep for the rest of your life. You have four years to be young, wild, and free. So take advantage of that and fear nothing.