The South’s Snowstorm

The South’s Snowstorm

Angela Allsbrook, Staff Writer

The southern parts of the United States do not experience snowstorms like the northern states do.  The south only has a snowstorm every couple of years, and when it does, all chaos breaks loose.  We urgently go to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread, schools are closed for days, and if you are smart, you stay off the roads.  Quite frankly, southerners do not know how to drive in icy conditions.

Northerners think it is hilarious that we “overreact” when it snows, but it is a rare occurrence here.  The north daily has sub-freezing temperatures during the winter months where they must continue to go to work and school.  You can call us lazy, but I think southerners have the right to take off one day every three years to play in the snow.  Do northerners think that they are tougher than southerners are because they enjoy trudging through the snow?  Sorry, but we prefer to not have to worry about it snowing regularly, that is why we chose to live below the Mason Dixon line.

The current snowstorm affected areas from Texas to the Carolina coast.  Atlanta, Georgia, more commonly known as Hotlanta, was caught off guard when the snowstorm arrived.  The people who live there are use to ridiculously hot temperatures.  When they received three inches of snow on Tuesday, it was reported that there were 940 car accidents in Atlanta.  This resulted in the interstate being gridlocked, which made it impossible for a large number of people to get home.  School buses were not able to make their regular routes because of the snowstorm and many children had to spend the night in schools, along with many other terrifying events that took place because of the dangerous conditions.

Honestly, the south can’t hang with these icy weather conditions.  Even though, it is was nice to have a snow day and be able to build snowmen, I think as a whole the south prefers warmer weather conditions.  The north can have the snow and ice because we do not want it!