PC Student Shares Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

PC Student Shares Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Angela Allsbrook, Staff Writer

Each year, America gathers round the television to watch the Super Bowl.  It’s not just for sports fans; some people have not even followed the teams who are playing, and are solely watching the game for an excuse to throw a party, eat tons of tailgating food, drink beer, and socialize.  Some people, like me, only watch the game to see the 30-second commercials that cost millions of dollars to make and show. Since the actual football game this year was not very eventful, the commercials were the only thing keeping the audience’s attention.  Here are a few of my favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl:

Budweiser’s Puppy Love

This ad stars a puppy that is adopted, but longs to return home to its original owner and his best friend, a Clydesdale horse.  The commercial ends with the horse tracking down the puppy and bringing him home.  It was a very touching ad that truly symbolizes the meaning of friendship.

Cheerios’ “Gracie Returns”

In this ad, a father and daughter are sitting at the kitchen table eating Cheerios.  The dad uses one Cheerio to represent him, the mother, the little girl, and then adds one for the baby on the way.  The little girl quickly adds a Cheerio for the puppy that she wants instead of a little brother. It is a simple and cute commercial that reminds us of the importance of family and Cheerios.

Cheerios’ “America the Beautiful”

In Coca-Cola’s ad, they have people of various cultural backgrounds singing “America the Beautiful” in many different languages.  It truly represents the diversity of American citizens and together how beautiful and free our country is.

Dannon’s “Full House Reunion”

The Dannon’s ad begins with John Stamos having Oikos yogurt on his mouth and the woman kissing it off for him.  Next, he spills the yogurt on his pants and instead of the woman getting it this time; the cast of Full House appears and immediately strips him of his pants to clean them for him.  It was humorous and brought back memories of one of my favorite childhood shows.

T-Mobile’s “Tim Tebow Does…Everything”

In this T-Mobile ad, Tim Tebow explains why it is better to not have a cell phone contract.  By doing this, it shows all of the many things that Tebow is capable of, ranging from rescuing puppies from a house fire, riding a bull, doing standup comedy, delivering a baby, and becoming a rock star, all thanks to his lack of a cell phone contract.  It was a very memorable commercial, to say the least.