Spring Break: Do’s and Don’ts

Amber Allen, Staff Writer

Don’t: Go to Myrtle Beach.

Seriously, think about it.  Myrtle Beach is going to be packed because it is the ‘go to’ spot for Spring Break. You probably won’t be able to find a place to sun tan! Go somewhere different: Atlanta, Tampa, Disney World, anywhere.

Do: Call your parents.

Just let them know where you’re going and when you’d be arriving. They’ve raised you since birth, I think they deserve to know where you’re headed. Throwing in an “I love you” wouldn’t hurt either.

Don’t: Take photos of embarrassing or inappropriate things.

You never know, those photos can make their way back to you when you least expect it. Think, “Would Grandma approve of this photo?” If not, don’t take it.

Do: Try something different.

This is college. That means that you don’t have many Spring Breaks left before the real world takes them away forever. Do you really want to do the same old thing you’ve done every year since high school? Take our advice: make this Spring Break count.

Don’t: Stay inside all day.

Don’t stay inside, cooped up, sitting on the sofa watching reruns of Law & Order. Remember: Netflix isn’t your only friend. Go outside, catch a whiff of the budding trees and daffodils and be free, young ones.

Do: Get caught up on shows.

Remember all those episodes you missed during the semester? Well the time is now.  Netflix that mess! (And no spoilers for those who haven’t caught up!)

Don’t: Spend all your time studying and worrying about school.

Everyone has a major project that professors tell you to start on over break. Don’t spend all your time worrying over it.  Everything will work itself out. It’s called Spring Break, not Spring Work.

Do: Wear whatever bathing suit you want.

Don’t let people take you out of wearing that cute bathing suit. Wear whatever you want! That goes for you too, men. Strut your stuff and be proud of who you are. Don’t stress yourself out trying to crash diet to fit into some strappy bits of latex. That’s just ridiculous. You look fine, and remember, the main goal of Spring Break is to have fun, so if it’s not fun, don’t do it.

Don’t: Text and drive.

Seriously. It’s not safe and you really shouldn’t do it. Soon, it’s going to be against the law. A single text can mean the difference between your week of fun and your (or someone else’s) funeral. Whatever it is, it can wait. Having a designated texter in the car is also highly recommended.

Do: Come back to PC safely!

We love to see your beautiful faces! Don’t deprive us of that! Be safe during you Spring Break and come back on March 10th. Don’t forget, Assessment Day is March 13th. Have fun!


Written By: Amber Allen and Ashleigh Bethea


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