Movie Review: The Lego Movie


Jonathan Hinely, Staff Writer

“The Lego Movie” is currently out in movie theatres nationwide. I personally recommend this movie to any Presbyterian student to go see. In a way it is very similar to Lego construction kits because it is good for ages 5-99. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will find something to love about this movie.

I found the script to be very well developed in all the right spots. The story revolves around the character Emmet (Chris Pratt) who is just an ordinary Lego guy. It is about his story of trying to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell), whose plan is to make everything perfect. I think the screenwriters created a really good message: no matter how normal you are, you are capable of doing great things. You should never let other people tell you what you can and can’t do. Plus, there is a good mix of adult and kid jokes.

I think the voice actors all did really good jobs. It does raise the question though: why does Morgan Freeman always voice God? I think whoever did the casting did a great job, as Will Ferrell made an excellent Lord Business. Ferrell offers a unique voice, which makes his character.

The animation was the best part of the movie. Words cannot describe how amazing it was. It is out of this world. While it may look like it was filmed with actual Lego pieces, its entirely animated, and made to look like stop-motion.

The overall presentation is amazing and everyone can find something that they will like. The animation steals the show for the most part. The ending which you won’t even expect sends it home. This movie will make you want to pull out your old Legos and build again. I know it did that to me. I give this movie two thumbs up.