Party Like Jay Gatsby–The PC Blue Stocking’s Second Annual Late Night Event


Jonathan Hinely, Staff Writer

Are you looking for some weekend fun? Fire up the DeLorean and set the flux capacitor to 1922 Long Island, NY. When you arrive you will be in the midst of a true spectacle. Presbyterian College’s newspaper, The BlueStocking, is throwing a Great Gatsby Party March 29 at 9:00 p.m. in the Springs Gym’s second floor.

The party is aiming to recapture the feeling of a long-passed era of the flapper, boom times, jazz bands and the Ford Model T.

“Entertainment and good old 20’s fun…there will be a life jazz band playing during the event,” Events Manager Amber Allen said.

Students from the Presbyterian Jazz Band will be performing throughout the party. They will be playing popular dance songs from the 1920’s, including the Waltz, the Tango and the Charleston. The biggest dance craze to hit the nation was the Lindy Hop, named after the famous pilot, Charles Lindbergh.

“There will be many stations; a Just Dance station, featuring many different versions of the game including Just Dance 2014, Guess that 20’s slang, a blackjack table, Swing dancing competition, and a nonalcoholic bar,” Allen added.

However, Allen said “The featured event is guessing who Gatsby is. There will be a person who is acting as Jay Gatsby at the party. Whoever guesses correctly wins [a copy of] the recent Gatsby Movie. Other prizes will be offered for the other events.”

The Great Gatsby Party is sure to be a hit. You won’t want to miss this party, because it’s time to party like Jay Gatsby.