Non-Stop Movie Review


Jonathan Hinely, Staff Writer

The movie “Non-Stop,” starring Liam Neeson, is definitely a must see for any cinema lover. With it’s tight story, awesome acting, and impressive camera work, Neeson, who is 61, has once again proven that older actors can be action stars, too.

“Non-Stop” centers around Air Marshal Bill Marks (Neeson) and his quest against time. Once up in the air, he receive a text claiming that a terrorist aboard the plane will kill a passenger every twenty minutes if money is not wired to an account. To make things worse, Marks is an alcoholic, which prevents the proper authorities from believing or helping him.

I found the script was especially well developed, and keeps the viewer guessing who the terrorist is. The movie has several action sequences, but it has a lot of dialogue as well. The script is also fairly current and up to date, with modern marvels like cell phones being used on planes. Usage of cellphones on airlines was only recently made legal.

The acting in “Non-Stop” is pretty good. The film relies a lot on extras to play each passenger, which are sometimes spotlighted to aid the suspense. Neeson plays a convincing alcoholic, as well as an unsuspecting hero. Julianne Moore plays Jen Summers, a woman sitting next to Neeson’s character, and she had a great performance. However, the unsung heroes in this film aren’t the A-list actors, but the extras who make up the passengers.

Considering how a plane is a very small and cramped space, the cinematography is out of this world. One of the greatest things about the script is how it keeps a person guessing to who the terrorist is, but it is the cinematography that actually accomplishes that lofty goal. By using several frames on specific extras it arouses suspicion among the passengers. I also find that the cinematography aids in the action sequences. It is definitely a high point in the film.

The overall presentation of the movie was excellent. The directors made several amazing decisions in regards to keeping the story interesting. The film left no questions unanswered and appears to lack political motivation. This movie has something for everyone that anyone can appreciate. I would recommend this movie to anyone in the Presbyterian family.