Top Ten Things About Spring at Presbyterian College

Mary Catherine Heard, Staff Writer


  1. Having class in the front steps of Neville.  Especially if you are in Dr. Thompson’s class, this allows you to get some fresh air and it improves your mood.  Just don’t get distracted during the lecture.

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  1. The Springs rocking chairs.  You can sit in these all year long, but the coming of spring means you can sit in them with friends at eleven o’ clock at night while eating your Springs late night.  This is a great time to catch up with friends, but just make sure you’re not procrastinating too much with schoolwork.

  1. Silk worms. As soon as you begin enjoying all the blooms on all the lovely trees here on campus you will also begin to encounter silk worms.  It seems like there are hundreds of these critters that hang from silk-like threads from tree branches.  Personally, I never encountered these until I came to PC. They may accidentally get in your hair or on your clothes, but they are actually harmless.  So pay close attention when you are walking under trees and Happy Dodging.  Above is an up close picture of what these worms look like.

  1. Enos. It’s time to finally break out the Enos again and occupy the trees near Smyth and Neville.  This makes studying a lot more enjoyable in the afternoons or you can even take a quick afternoon nap.  If you don’t have an Eno you can always grab a blanket and sit on the lawns.

  1. Baby Animals.  The wildlife on this campus can be frustrating, but the baby ducklings, goslings, and squirrels are adorable to look at. Who doesn’t love baby animals, even though the baby gostlings will grow up into full grown geese and chase your classmates on the East Plaza.  I did not include baby skunks in this.  They are not cute whatsoever.

  1. Shorts and Flip-Flops. Even though we live in South Carolina many people are tired of dressing in so many layers especially with all the snow that just occurred.  “T-shirts and shorts also make laundry easier,” says junior Whitney Yongue.

  1. Spring Break.  No, Spring Break was not long enough, but hopefully everybody enjoyed it. But…

  1. Summer.  It’s almost here. It will be three and a half months of traveling, swimming, working, and enjoying the sun without a class schedule in your day.  “Summer is a great time to hang out with friends and see family members,” says junior Jeremy Mitchum.

  1. Better Moods.  Warm weather helps with peoples moods.  Many students have a happier mindset when it is sunny and seventy-five outside.  However the nice seventy-five degree weather does not long in South Carolina.  During the Spring you get more vitamin D which is healthy for your body.

  1. Outdoor Exercise.  The warm weather gives students better opportunities to play ultimate Frisbee, tightrope, campus golf, jogging, swinging, and biking.  So get off Netflix and X-box and go enjoy some time outdoors.  PC has a beautiful campus!


Hope Everybody has a Happy Spring!

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