Doyle to be Opened for Freshmen Dorms

While most incoming freshman look forward to the newly renovated Belk or the hopefully soon-to-be renovated Georgia, what may help these fledglings to really become grounded in the rich history of PC is staying in Doyle. Not only will freshmen befriend what we now call the stray cats on campus, but they’ll also be able to keep these pets, as the first pet-friendly dorm PC has to offer. Bats and perhaps even skunks, PC’s unofficial mascots, can also be kept, though these freshmen will be fully responsible for taking care of these animals.

Along with a new pet policy, Doyle will be the perfect place for freshmen to engage in the full PC experience of ladybug infestations, mysterious mold growing in the showers, fire alarms going off late at night because a flatiron set off the smoke alarm (again), as well as many other amenities available for them to become fully acquainted with life as a college student.