Plaid is Rad: A Guide to PC’s New Dress Code

Plaid is Rad: A Guide to PC’s New Dress Code

Here at PC, we’re a small town college not many people have heard of, fewer of which can even attempt to find Clinton on the map. So why have we been currently caught up in the mainstream style of looking “snappy casual”? I say, let’s go back to our roots, because the dog days are over and hipster lumberjack is coming back like vinyl.

So to help you all remember your roots, here’s a short guide to getting in touch with your “old soul” through clothing and freeing you from the mainstream:

  1. Raid your grandparents’ closets. Look for anything floral or with a non-Hawaiian pattern. Look for dresses with lace and any kind of collared button-down. If you’re lucky, you’ll find those slightly stretched-out knit cardigans that fit kind of weird at the shoulders and maybe smells a little funny. Remember, the more faded and worn-out and somewhat dirt-stained it is, the better. There’s nothing that can’t bring you closer to your “old soul” than dressing like your grandmother.

  2. If you can’t raid your grandparents’ closets, then don’t worry. You can kill two birds with one stone by shopping at your local consignment store. (Some of you may be tempted to shop at Goodwill, but don’t. Goodwill has become part of the mainstream.) Like with your grandparents’ closet, look for anything oversized or stretched-out or faded or with a vintage pattern. Girls, you can wear any shirts with these qualities over leggings. And guys, you can wear these, too, over skinny jeans. Remember, flannel is your friend, plaid is rad, and any weather is sweater weather.

  3. Lastly, and if not most importantly, accessorize. For shoes, always go with combat boots. How else are you going to fight against the mainstream current? Also, stock up on oversized plastic glasses of every shade of the rainbow. This way you can wear them with any outfit. But if you don’t need glasses, just punch out the lenses and wear them anyway. To complete the hipster lumberjack look, layer on the patterns and bracelets and vintage hats and throw an ax over one shoulder. Guys, I recommend for you to grow a beard. It harkens back to your lumberjack ancestry.

So for all of you wanting to return to your “old soul” roots, remember these fashion tips. They’ll help you when you’re chopping down an old redwood forest to build your new eco-friendly home in the mountains, or trudging upstream to find Wi-Fi service for your iPhone, or singing along to the scratchy quality of old vinyl records you found in the back of a thrift store in some no-name town even you couldn’t find on the map again. Just remember to keep your Polaroid camera handy. You don’t know when you’ll get the chance to post everything, including your daily fashion blog, with that sepia filter on Instagram.