Twerking is the new Zumba

Ashleigh Bethea, Staff Writer

Move over Cardio Funk, there’s a new fitness craze in town and it is taking the campus by storm.Starting next semester, Presbyterian College will be hosting instructional classes on the art of the Twerk in the Springs Gymnasium. Twerking has been scientifically proven to be 200% more healthy than any other kind of aerobic activity.

This popular exercise targets every major muscle group making it the ideal total body workout routine. Some of the benefits of twerking are improved stamina, enhanced flexibility, and increased metabolism. This has been a big deal on campus and has been met with nothing but positive feedback.

While there will be trained instructors assigned to these classes, there will be plenty of opportunities for students and faculty to try their hand at leading these exercise sessions and adding to the experience with their personal expertise and flair. Sign up starts early this August so be sure to check your PC email for updates on this exciting development.