Yet Another Gatsby Party…


Abbie Bagwell, Staff Writer

Ho-hum, dear readers. Tis the season, apparently, to celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (and all of its movie adaptations). These days it seems like Gatsby is all the rage with its flapper tendencies and “dapper dan” men but you, readers, you are probably wondering why on earth you should attend The REAL Gatsby Association’s Gatsby Party….the reasoning is quite simple, really.

Greek life has done it, BlueStocking has done it, and who knows? The town of Clinton probably has too. But these IMPOSTERS know nothing of what it is like to party like J. Gatsby. We of the Real Gatsby Association adhere to only the most authentic renderings of the time period and book so are, quite frankly, affronted by the sudden surge in popularity and subsequently, misrepresentations of the man, his lifestyle, and his story.

Some might venture to say that this is just another Gatsby party (yes, I just dramatically and theatrically sighed while falling onto a fainting couch) but the truth is, it’s not. This party will be SO decadent, SO extravagant, SO incredibly roaring that you would be a fool not to attend. So don’t waste your time in getting ready as this is not “yet another Gatsby party” but rather the social event of the year.

We will be at the mansion on West Egg and Fritz will be playing the organ…follow the sound and the trails of people and you will surely find yourself in the midst of a roaring good time. Judge for yourself who can throw the best Gatsby party there ever was or ever will be!

The indignant and righteous,

Clark Von Steelson III