The Housing Lottery-Let the Games Begin

The Housing Lottery-Let the Games Begin

Amber Allen, Staff Writer

They have summoned you again, assigning you a number and time. You look at your partner and determine your next course of action.

Should you arrive on time? Should you arrive early?

Deciding on early, you go and scout out your preferred future habitation.  You have decided on three different places. One primary and two backups.

Fast forward, the time is now. You and your partner walk bristly to the designated area. You’re early but not early. There are already competitors waiting.

Why are there so many people?  No matter, you’ll best them all. The administers call your number, you’re ready.

Nothing can defeat you. Stepping into the area, you see them.

They are your opponents. They can ruin everything. They are going down.

You and your partner begin to surround them, while a CA comes to supervise.

With a raise of an arm, the CA signals the battle.  They come charging.

No matter, you’re prepared, been prepared.  You and your partner break wide and circle around them.  You’ve practiced a million times, now all you have to do is pull it off.

Easily falling into position, your partner runs towards you and you toss them in the air.

 Your opponents look amazed at your partner.  Fools, your partner’s only a distraction.

Running towards the table, you quickly sign your and your partner’s names before they notice.

Arriving when your partner lands, you smirk.  They don’t even know they’ve lost yet.

This was easier than you expected.  Next year you’ll be even more prepared, it won’t take as long to finish your opponent.

May the Housing Gods have mercy on their souls.

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