What Not to Do During your Long Nights of Studying


Mary Catherine Heard, Staff Writer

So you have an exam tomorrow that you are not ready for. You procrastinated for a couple of days; you along with 98% of the PC population have been in the same boat at some point (or many points) in your college career.  As you sit in your three o’ clock class you start realize you are going to spend your night in a terrible and stressful state as you prepare for an exam date you have seen printed in the syllabus since January 6th.  Preparing for this exam is going to be doable, however, there are plenty of things that a student should not do during this night of extreme studying.

First of all do not study in a place where you will not be able to concentrate.  This should be obvious, but do not claim a study room next to people who are working on a group project even though they sound like they are simultaneously throwing a party.  Also don’t try to study somewhere that is too comfortable.  For instance, studying on top of your bed will make you crash in twenty-five minutes or less and you need to stay awake and alert for a lot longer than that to pass this exam.

Springs is a decent place to study until ten o’ clock, when everybody comes walking in to get their late night.  When the weather is nice, it’s great to grab an Eno or a blanket and study on the lawns, especially in April when it has not hit ninety degrees yet.  Just remember not to take a nap in the Eno or join the group that is having a good time playing Frisbee.

Do not focus too much on social media.  It is a great and tempting distraction.  Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you can waste up to an hour and a half of your time in your late studying night.  If there is something that important on social media, somebody will probably text you about it or you.  Honestly though, there is usually nothing that important on these outlets.  If you have enough discipline, turning off your phone will be helpful.

Lastly, take advantage of some coffee or another form of caffeine and tell yourself that you can do this!  Remember to pace yourself, take reasonable study breaks, and listen to motivating music whether it be classical or upbeat. Exams and then summer are around the corner so best of luck Blue Hose!