Things To Expect At PC

Things To Expect At PC

Amber Allen, Staff Writer

After getting the great advice from last year’s freshmen, here’s some extra input from a current senior.


1. Student Led Organizations

Just like the title suggests, these are organizations led by students. And if you’re still confused, look no further for an example. You’re reading one! Welcome to the BlueStocking, PC’s campus newspaper where everything is led, run, and created by students!  We do everything from writing articles to handling the newspaper’s money. The BlueStocking isn’t the only student led organization on campus; there are over 30 others! I bet you five bucks if you ask the person next to you right now what other student led organization is on campus, they can come up with at least three. If they can’t, you don’t know where to find me, so no money for you! Muahahahaha.

2. Late Nights
Do you ever find yourself bored around 10 o’clock at night? Well, you can stop now. No seriously, stop. Your boredom is starting to drag me down with it. Anyway, that’s another topic we’ll discuss later, back to late nights! What are Late Nights? I’m glad you ask. They are events held late at night, usually beginning at 10 p.m. and continuing to midnight. Each Late Night has a theme, like Casino night or Astro Night. Late Nights are usually held in one of three places: Springs Gymnasium, GDH, or the intramural field.  Of course, you can never forget about Shucking and Shagging, the first late night of the school year held at the Bailey Stadium. So stopped being bored and be social! Or be antisocial (we don’t discriminate) but come to late nights

3. Blue Pride Friday

If you haven’t heard it by now, WEAR BLUE ON FRIDAYS!  You choose PC for a reason, so be proud of your school and strut their colors on Fridays. You don’t have to jump in gallons of royal blue paint and cover yourself; that would be weird, acceptable but weird.  Wearing a blue shirt or even blue shoes is perfectly fine. And don’t forget to post pictures to your preferred social media with #PCBLUEPRIDE

4. Thanksgiving Lunch

If you thought yo’ mama made the best Thanksgiving meal around, then you bests rethink that. The chef shows his true colors during Thanksgiving. Everything you could ever want for this holiday meal will be there. You want cranberry sauce, we got cranberry sauce. Stuffing? Got it! Rolls? Really, Thanksgiving without rolls…who do you think we are? Turkey, of cour—-wait, you’re allergic to turkey? Bless your heart. It’s okay, the ham is this way. Forget about choices for a second—what about the taste? Listen, this food is so good it’ll make you want to slap yo’ grandmama. Don’t take my word for it? Think I’m exaggerating? Okay, I see how it is.  I thought what we had was special, but don’t believe me. What time does GDH open for lunch?  11:15?  Show up on time that day and see how long you’ll wait in line. Last year, the line stretched all the way past the human link and down to the Belk dorm. You’ll believe me when you have to stand in line for an hour with all of the other 1099 students.

5. The Tornado Alarm

It’s here, and it’s staying.  That lovely sound that goes off every Saturday at noon is PC’s tornado alarm. You might think it’s once a month, but you’re wrong. That alarm is tested every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY. You might think “Why PC? WHY!” But don’t worry, you’ll become conditioned to it sounding every Saturday. Then again, that might be a bad thing. If there’s ever a tornado, on a saturday, at noon, we may never know. *GASP* What are we to do? Don’t worry, there are PC Weather alerts sent directly to your email account and phone in case of inclement weather. So it’s okay. Go ahead and sleep through the tornado alarm.

6. Ms. Yolanda

And lastly, but certainly not least, probably the best thing to expect at PC is Ms. Yolanda.  Who is she, you ask? Here’s your plane ticket home, we kindly ask you not to return. I joke.  But seriously, have you never eaten at GDH?  Ms. Yolanda is the lovely lady who takes your ID card and swipes it to count your meals. Still don’t know who I’m talking about? *Sigh* You’re making this so difficult. See that picture above? Tada! That’s her.  She knows almost every students’ names, and will always ask how you are and genuinely care. And she’s not the only one. Custodians, maintenance, and Sodexo workers are all behind the scenes and care about PC just as much as we do. Stop and speak with them and you’ll learn the most amazing things. Say thank you and tell them how much you appreciate them. Without them, this school could not run. You never know how much a simple ‘thank you’ can impact someone’s day.