You Should Go Take a Turkish Bath

You Should Go Take a Turkish Bath

Mary Catherine Heard, Staff Writer

While it is a requirement at PC to either study abroad or do an internship, you should absolutely want to travel outside the good ole USA.  College is the opportune time to get out of your comfort zone.  If you are one of those people who love to travel, then you are probably planning on how you are going to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that our school offers.

The author of this article is a history major and is very biased.  In all seriousness though if you are considering going abroad with a department then you should take a look at the history department.  The history department “cares” and urges you to “pursue excellence” while seeing the wonders the world has to offer.  The professors that put together the trip do not include mundane tour guides.  The students going on the trip actually get to take turns being them and teaching their fellow students about each landmark.  The professors hosting the trip have actually been to these locations and already know where the best places to eat and stay are.

Istanbul at Sunset

This year the History Department is planning two trips “across the pond” next semester.  During Spring Break, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Heiser are taking students to Istanbul.  Istanbul is Turkey’s premier city and is where western culture meets eastern culture.  Istanbul is historically known as Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.  Blue Hose will be able to spend eight exciting days roaming around the city “where the east meets west.”  Some of the highlights include the Haiga Sophia, eating at the Basillica Cistern (an underground palace), shopping at the Grand Bazaar (the world’s largest indoor market), and going on a Bosporus Cruise where you will eat lunch in Asia.  On day 8 there will be an expedition to the Prince Islands.  On these islands, the main form of transportation is horse drawn carriages in streets that are full of Victorian architecture.  It is like going back in time in 2014.  The first half of the trip will be focused on the history of the Byzantine Empire and the last half will feature the history of the Ottoman Empire.  On day 5, students will have the opportunity to take a Turkish bath, which is quite a cultural experience!

Turkish Bath House

The History Department, partnering with the English Department, is also going to Germany for a Maymester.  Dr. Wiecki and Dr. Simpson are taking a group of Blue Hose to Munich, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, and the Mosel river valley to explore castles and the vibrant Germen culture.  They are also going to visit Bavaria, home to the famous Octoberfest.  For those of you who do not know, the History Department puts on their own Octoberfest in the Fall that is open to all students.  The Neuschwanstein Castle will be another highlight on the trip which will look familiar if you’ve seen Walt Disney’s Cinderella.  Students will also visit Dachan, the first concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Germany.  If you choose to go on this trip, then you can get credit for Dr. Simposn’s English 258 course “The Castle” or Dr. Wiecki’s History 258 course “Hitler and the Germans – From Rhineland to Munich.”

Neuschwanstein Castle

One way or another you should use “the best four years of your life” to explore the world.  If you choose to go with the History Department you won’t regret it.

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