Star-Spangled Banner Commemoration


Photo Credit: Ashley Cowart

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer

“What better way for students to come together than with a piece of music?” said Josh Harrington, music education major, “This event demonstrates that regardless of major, the PC community can come together for a common reason and have a wonderful time together.”

Friday, September 12th, the music faculty sponsored a singing of the National Anthem in order to commemorate it’s 200th anniversary. Following the afternoon’s Music at Half Past, students congregated on the front steps of Neville to sing all three verses of the national anthem.

Accompanied by the pep band, the effect of the song was very powerful and moving.

“I’m excited to about the turnout of this event, and the number of people who are as proud as I am of how far our country has come,” said Harrington, “I’m also excited to share music in a historical way with other members of the PC community.”

History Fun Facts: Francis Scott Key penned the poem following a British attack on Fort McHenry in Baltimore after seeing the flag still flying over the fort. The tune of the song is set to a British drinking song from the 1700’s. Yeah, America!