The Best Taste Scenario

The Best Taste Scenario

Conner McCoy, Staff Writer

Presbyterian College offers several food options multiple times a day, and it is usually not too difficult to find something you like. That being said, there are times that I cannot find something especially appetizing, and I wonder how much influence us students actually have in our dining experience. As it turns out, more than you might expect.

An organization on campus called the Food Committee works closely with Sodexo in determining what goes in and out of Springs and Greenville Dining Hall. The committee is a small group comprised of student volunteers and SGA delegates that meet monthly with Jason Koenig, director for Sodexo at PC, to discuss ideas, problems and possible changes to the food in our dining facilities. They also give monthly reports at house meetings to communicate the plans and ideas of Sodexo with the students.

In recent years the Food Committee has contributed to the addition of more options in the vegetarian line at GDH, healthier options at the grill in Springs as well as new and better specials in Springs; all based on student feedback. The Committee has also worked with Sodexo to send out surveys to students in order to get a larger perspective of what is and is not liked about the dining on campus in order to change it.

Any student can make suggestions about dining or food options on campus simply by contacting a current member of the committee. If you don’t happen to know a member, you can contact any member of the SGA Executive Board, and they should be able to put you in contact with a committee member.

With limited options, the food service for students on meal plans is of the highest importance. The Food Committee knows this and strives to better every aspect of campus dining. They are an important part of PC and a valuable resource. As Laura Nowell, the head of the Food Committee last year, puts it, the Food Committee “is the link that SGA creates between the student body and the dining services to create environments in the dining options on campus that the student body wants.”

As PC continues to grow throughout the years, you can be sure that the quality of its food services will grow as well, thanks to the Food Committee.