Scotoberfest a Source of Great Food and Fun


Harrison Hopkins

Blake Roberts, Staff Writer


Scotoberfest, hosted by the Student Union Board and PC faculty, gave students the opportunity to experience a mostly authentic blend of Scottish and German heritage with food, music and games. It marked the end of an eventful Homecoming week, and if it was any indication, the start of an exciting weekend.

Through a collaborative effort made possible with the help of many, Dr. Stefan Wiecki and Dr. Roy Campbell of the History Department were the main coordinators of the event.

Students enjoyed the popular German dishes of grilled Bratwurst garnished with sauerkraut and soft-baked pretzels. Alongside these were other, more America choices, such as Halloween cookies and butterscotch brownies courtesy of Dr. Claude Lilly.

“The pretzels were delicious,” sophomore Nicole Alleva said.

As for the “Scot” in Scotoberfest, students could participate in authentic Scottish games provided by The Gallabrae Highland Games of Greenville, SC. The games were organized by Director of Heavy Athletics John Allen.

Every game involved throwing some kind of Scottish object. The Caber Toss had students attempting to flip a 19.5 feet long caber (which comes from the Gaelic word for “tree”) into the air. The hammers used in the Hammer Toss are used by the Scots for blacksmithing and driving fence posts. Students who tried out the Sheaf toss had to sling a burlap sack (the Sheaf) weighing 16 pounds into the air with a pitchfork, similar to throwing hay bales into a loft.

“It’s one of those things you don’t get to do every day. I have some Scottish heritage and it’s a fun thing to do,” junior Nathan Paul-Bonham said.

The event concluded on a more German note, with the customary stein-holding contest. Participants stood in a circle and held glasses straight out in a display of strength and endurance. Those who gave up and lowered their arm then had to chug the entire cup of water.

It was an acceptable break from tradition for a mostly authentic and entirely enjoyable event.