Ghosts at PC


Entrance to the main room.

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer

In honor of Halloween, here are a couple of PC ghost stories.

We’ve all heard the rumors of ghosts that float around PC. People swear that there’s a ghost in Belk Auditorium, in Clinton, the list goes on. Did you know that some of these ghosts actually have some historical support?

Serving as a religion professor at PC for twenty-four years, Dr. Peter Hobbie heard one about Neville told often.

As you climb the stairs on the side of Neville that faces Springs and go all the way to the third and a half floor, there is a German classroom straight ahead. On the left, there is a door leading to a room that a strange cult in the ’60s used.

On the walls, there are demonic symbols painted onto the wall and stacks of strange books.

During one of the cultist rituals, someone either committed suicide or was murdered. We can’t be sure. However, I’m more included to believe that the person committed suicide. If it was murder, we might have had some more issues in Neville with a vengeful spirit.

Accompanied by a professor, I was able to obtain photographs of this creepy room. The professor who took the pictures told me that while she was back in the room, she felt this very creepy feeling.

She said she had never felt that creeped out before. Perhaps that’s why that room has been left virtually undisturbed? What will happen during renovations?

Speaking of renovations, Dr. Hobbie also mentioned that someone died during the construction of Georgia in 1967. Was it a fall during construction? Or something more sinister?

Did that spirit just have enough this summer and decide to cause the pipe to burst? Who knows?

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