GDH Dining Tips

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer

We all grumble about food options at PC, but what do we actually do about it? There are actually some very simple things that you can do to improve your experience.


1. Microwave—using the GDH microwave makes any meal better. I personally like to mix food from several of the lines and then heat my concoction up. For instance, if you just wanted some simple “steamed” vegetables, you can take some spinach or broccoli from the salad line and heat them up and you have some cooked veggies.


My favorite microwave delicacy, however, is when they have chocolate chips. What I like to do is put the chocolate chips in a coffee mug, add some peanut butter, pop that in the microwave for 30 seconds, add ice cream, and voila! You have chocolate peanut butter magic shell.


What are you favorite microwave dishes? Share in the comment section below.


2. Bring your own to-go mugs—When you go to GDH in the morning after a late night (and let’s be honest, that’s every night), those sad little mugs don’t hold enough of that hot beverage you so desire. How can you solve this dilemma? Bring your own to-go mug! You can drink your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while eating breakfast and then refill it on your way out.


Did you know that you can fill your own mug in Springs too? If you feel bad about your ecological footprint or just want to save a few cents, you can use your to-go cup to fill up your coffee. It rings up as a refill, so it’s about 10 cents cheaper than using one of their mugs.



3. Double toasting your bread—All credit goes to Molly Smathers, sophomore, on this one. She informed me that you can ask for the workers in Springs to double toast your bread in the sub line, making that sandwich just a bit more crispier and delicious.



4. Bringing a bagel to the GDH sandwich line—None of the bread options look tasty? Just feeling a sandwich on that everything bagel? Pick up a bagel, toast it if you wish, and hand it to the sandwich line workers. (Credit: Molly Smathers)


5. Pizza from the sub line—You may be thinking, “The sub line has pizza? What is this nonsense?” Back in my day, they had a sign that advertised it, but what you do is ask for a pizza and then select your favorite bread and toppings. It’s a delicious way to shake-up your dining options in Springs.