PC Pianists Shine at PianoMania


Blake Roberts, Staff Writer

Seniors Harrison Hopkins and Whitney Yongue and junior Cara Blankenship performed several pieces on the piano in Edmunds Hall this past Sunday, Nov. 16. The event, “PianoMania,” was an open performance and free to the public.

All three performed solo pieces, and Blankenship and Yongue performed several duets and trios with Professor of Music Karen Buckland.

Blankenship said, “It’s fun doing duets and trios with people, and it gives you the chance to practice in front of other people.”

Some of the songs included Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Several contemporary pieces, such as “Lotus Flower Field,” composed by Hiromi Mizutani and transcribed by Quellatalo Nin, were also performed.

In his blog, Dr. Claude Lilly said,  “The music brightened what was an otherwise dreary Sunday afternoon.  I applaud Dr. Karen Buckland for the wonderful job she did of preparing the students. It is clear she is passionate about their success.”

“I’m glad that the PC Music Department gives us the chance to show off our talents,” Hopkins said.

Sophomore Jordan Sartain said of the performances, “I really enjoyed the performances. All of the pieces were unique and entertaining to listen to on a fine Sunday afternoon.”