Farewell to Linda Jameison

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer


After serving Presbyterian College for nine and a half years, Linda Jameison, Dean of Student Development, ends her time at PC on December 5th and will start her position as Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Engagement at Tri County Technical College in January.

In her e-mail to students, Jameison said, “I have enjoyed the challenges, opportunities and gifts that come with being a part of this very special community.”

Anyone who talks to Jameison might easily assume that she has worked with college students her whole life. However, she actually spent the first half of her career working in retail.

“My parents owned a fabric store while growing up and I went into retail and then into apparel merchandising, design, and manufacturing for various specialty sporting goods companies,” recalled Jameison, “That’s how I got involved with the National Basketball Association.”

While working with the NBA, Jameison learned all about developing a brand and product while aligning with the vision of the company. However, after 20 years in the business world, Jameison sought new challenges.

“My favorite part in all my positions throughout my career involved working with staff,” said Jameison, “and that’s what led me to the field of education. Every time you work with someone, you learn both about the other person and about yourself.”

So, after pursuing a Master’s of Education in Counseling and Student Affairs at Clemson, Jameison joined staff at PC as the Director of Career Programs.

Throughout her time at PC, Jameison says that she had her “hands in a lot of different places.” During the first half of her time at PC, Jameison served not only as the Director of Career Programs but also headed up Orientation and supported the Counseling and Wellness area. However, after the former vice president of Student Life left, Jameison took on the role of Interim Dean of Students for two years until the hire of the current vice president, Dr. Joy Smith.

During her years as the Interim Dean of Students, Jameison realized how much she valued interaction with students. “For me, the end of a good day was one that involved a great conversation with at least one student,” said Jameison.

These past two years, Jameison has served as the Dean of Student Development, placing her right where she wants to be: in direct contact with students.

Recalling with a smile her journey at PC, Jameison says, “it has been fun, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and gratifying. I am fortunate to have had this opportunity.”