The Cosby Scandal


Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

Bill Cosby is a fixture in American television. He has made us laugh with his standup comedy routines, convinced us all to try Jello, and was the dad everyone wanted. Quite simply, he is seen as the patriarch of one of America’s favorite families. He is loved by everyone largely for his role as Cliff Huxtable, well respected doctor, father, and husband. Not surprisingly, the recent allegations made by over thirty women have placed a slight damper on his “cookie cutter” image and has caused many people to wonder who Mr. Cosby truly is.

Originally brought to light by comedian Hannibal Burress in the fall of 2014, many women came forward, telling their stories of how they were taken advantage of by Mr. Cosby. Some people in society have accused the women for coming forward many years after the alleged crimes occurred due to a potential want for financial gain, but others argue that that is not the case.  Many of the women who are accusing Mr. Cosby are famous in their own right and personally claim that they want justice to be served. For instance, two of the accusers, Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson, are super models while another, Cindra Ladd, is a former Hollywood executive.

Most of the women tell the same story. They were lured into a one-on-one situation with Mr. Cosby, and he used “props” such as coffee and massages to ease the women’s nerves. Some women claimed to have stopped Mr. Cosby before anything could have happened, while others claim to have woken up and immediately realized the terrible crime that had taken place. When the crimes occurred (some over 30 years ago), rape was seen as a major taboo, and the women were too scared to come forward, in fear of jeopardizing their potential careers in Hollywood. However, many of his alleged victims feel like now is the appropriate time to speak up to make sure that the truth is known to everyone.

To date, Mr. Cosby has not been charged for any crime; however, the police are actively investigating the claims of the women whose cases have not surpassed the statute of limitations. It seems as if no one wants to believe that one of their favorite actors could be capable of such terrible crimes. As of now, the public is waiting on sufficient police evidence and an actual indictment before passing final judgment.