Milo and Murphy: Special Valentine’s edition

Milo and Murphy: Special Valentines edition


Hey there college students! Valentines’ Day is right around the corner and we’re here to help you capture that perfect valentine. You know guys, chocolates and roses are cute, but I think it’s time you start treating your girl like a woman and your boy like a man. It’s time to pull out all the stops; its 2015 and it’s time to do it right. You go up to your significant other or that special someone you’ve been looking at through the crowd at GDH and look them straight in the eye and say “you, me, dinner and movie.” They’ll be unable to resist your charm and sensitive side when you show up with an adorable puppy, kitten or even a small rabbit fresh from the pound. Then, after eating and awkward small talk, it’s time to go sky diving! Whoever you ask out using this method will sure to be in awe at your variety of personality traits!

Singles, don’t feel down as you look at all the couples around you. You are not the only single at PC and the day is at your fingertips! Just think, you don’t have to worry about the stress of dressing up and going out with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Remember: you’re not a fragment that needs another piece– you’re a whole person and should take time to appreciate the amazingly cool kid you are. Treat yourself for once! Grab your single friends and go out or stay in and watch movies while binging on junk food. And remember, if you’re still seeking someone special, fraternity court will be packed with singles wanting to forget their singleness too! If you’re lucky you might just get out of your singleness slump.