PresbyPALS: PC’s new pre-vet club


Conner McCoy, Staff Writer

In the Fall of 2015, PresbyPALS will join Presbyterian College as a pre-veterinary club. PresbyPALS (Promoting Animal Life Sciences and Associated Disciplines) will be a multidisciplinary club appealing to animal lovers on campus. The club is a pre-veterinary club, but any student can join regardless of major. Students will volunteer at the soon-to-be Laurens County Humane Society. Pre-veterinary students will be given the chance to gain experience in a veterinary setting and will be able to receive important education from veterinarians on staff. Hours put into this organization will no doubt look good on any vet school application.

The organization’s main functions will be to provide the Humane Society with volunteers, help pre-vet majors and animal lovers gain experience working with animals, and undertake community service projects to aid local animals. The first such project, which has already begun, is a blanket drive to provide blankets to the Humane Society and the Laurens County Animal Control to be used as extra bedding for the animals there. Blanket drop-off boxes can be found in most dorms on campus, as well as in Springs, if you would like to participate by donating old or unwanted blankets to a good cause.

The PresbyPALS will surely be a welcomed part of the PC community and will certainly encapsulate our motto, Dum Vivimus Servimus. If you would like more information or would like to join, email Kristen Peagler at [email protected].