The Bluestocking: A Year in Review


Ashleigh Bethea, Staff Writer

Cars are getting packed full of all the oddly shaped pieces of our lives, food is disappearing in Springs as students drain those last Bonus Bucks, and cries of relief and regret can be heard throughout the campus as people give long hugs and sweet goodbyes. It’s that time again, folks – time to leave PC behind. A lot of you will be back in a few months, but for us seniors this really is our last rodeo.  And let me tell you: it’s been one heck of a ride.  As our time here winds down to a close, let’s look back at all of the good memories we’ve shared with the Bluestocking.

As always, the Bluestocking has worked tirelessly to bring the campus a reliable platform of open discussion about local events and invoke an even greater sense of community at PC. From Yule Ball to the Bizarre Bazaar, the Bluestocking has had a blast hosting fun events for every Hose to enjoy. Creative, dedicated, passionate and a little wild, our members go all out to show our Blue Pride. We stand for freedom of expression, for student values, and for bringing everyone on campus a little closer. These four years have certainly streaked past and as we watch students squeeze every drop of goodness from this experience, we of the Bluestocking will continue to be there to capture it all.