Visiting Writer: J. Stephen Rhodes


Conner McCoy, Staff Writer

On Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. J. Stephen Rhodes, a poet and essayist, will be visiting PC to read some of his poetry and answer questions from the audience. This event is sponsored by the English department and Creative Writing program, and promises to be interesting. Even if you don’t love poetry, Rhodes writes about subjects nearly everyone can relate to. The bio on Rhodes’ website says, “J. Stephen Rhodes writes about living on the edges between security and fear, guilt and grace, as well as between country and city, and prosperity and scarcity.” So if you aren’t enticed by the idea of poetry, perhaps you can find some meaning in the subjects of the poems being read.

The reading will probably last around an hour, questions included, and will most likely be a casual and fun event. If it’s anything like other visiting writer readings, the atmosphere will be comfortable, there will be jokes, and the reading itself will be thought-provoking. There might also be snacks. And if you want to purchase one of Rhodes’ books, they will be on sale afterwards.

If you would like to know more about J. Stephen Rhodes, or if you want to sample his poems and essays, you can visit his website at