PC vs Gardner Webb


Pete Peterson, Staff Writer

This past weekend, as kids were getting ready to go trick or treating, the Blue Hose were battling the Gardner Webb Bulldogs. The Blue Hose were looking to secure their first Big South win of the season. During the game neither offensive was ever fully able to secure momentum as both defensives battled it out.

This game was crucial for both teams as they have both struggled this season. During the first quarter the two defensives battled it out. The Blue Hose’s offense was able to secure some momentum during the first quarter, but were never able to use this momentum to score any points. On the defensive side of the ball, the Blue Hose dominated the Bulldogs and held them at zero points.

The second quarter was very similar to the first as it too was a defensive showdown. However midway through  the quarter, Devron Glenn was able to score a touchdown off of a 12 yard run. Following Brett Nortons made PAT, the Hose held a 7-0 lead. Unfortunately they were not able to sustain this lead for long, as Gardner Webb scored on the next possession. (K. Bernard rushing touchdown) Following the made PAT the game was tied at 7-7.

The third quarter was much like the previous two as it was a defensive battle. Unfortunately the Hose were not able to keep Gardner Webb out of the end zone as T. Maxwell was able to throw a 30 plus yard touchdown pass. Following the made PAT the Bulldogs had taken a 14-7 lead. Going into the fourth and final quarter the Hose were down 14-7.

The fourth and final quarter was sure to be a thriller based off of how the game had been played so far. Once again we saw two defensives battle it out to prevent either of the offensives from gaining any momentum. However midway through the quarter the Hose were able to put together a drive that resulted in a Brett Norton field goal, which shortened Gardner Webb’s lead to 14-10. Sadly though the Hose were not able to gain any more momentum and the final score stood 14-10.

Tune in next week as the Hose travel to Virginia to take on Liberty.

Congrats to Donnelle Williams who moved up to third place on the Big South’s all time tackle list.



Ben Cheek: 7-17  for 35 yards



Darrelle Bridges: 7 attempts; 38 yards

Devron Glenn: 3 attempts; 28 yards; 1TD



Devron Glenn: 2 receptions; 13 yards



Donnelle Williams: 11 tackles

Ed Britt: 7 tackles

Ugonnah Akoh: 4 tackles; 1 fumble forced