Relationship Advice Through Norah Jones Albums


Bailey Campbell, Staff Writer

1. One thing we girls may forget when we try and begin a relationship with guys is that they come with baggage. They’re just like us – only sometimes when we have overcome our past hardships, they might still be lingering in it. So don’t worry. It’s not you; he also has his own baggage to handle.

“In anger unkind words are said
That make the teardrops start.
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind
And melt your cold, cold heart?”

– “Cold Cold Heart” (Come Away With Me, 2002)

2.  Some guys are going to be misleading. They will lead you on and forget about you with the drop of the hat. Instead of getting upset about it, just move on and realize you wouldn’t want a guy like that in your life anyways.

“I hear your sweet voice calling out my name
As I stare from a six foot cell.
And from beyond I heard the words
Deceptively yours.”

– “Deceptively Yours” (New York City, 2003)

3. Don’t get swallowed up by a past boyfriend or a past relationship. Get over him and find the joy that is hidden in the simple things of life. Let him know that you don’t miss him and that you’re better without him.

“As I sit and watch the snow
Fallin’ down,
I don’t miss you at all.
I hear children playin’, laughin’ so loud,
I don’t think of your smile.”

– “Don’t Miss You At All” (Feels Like Home, 2004)

4. Some guys are too proud. They may treat you like doormats or their person to run to at the very last second. They use you and abuse you. You should understand that this does not make for a healthy relationship and get out before your relationship sinks with you in the boat.

“In a boat that’s built of sticks and hay,
We drifted from the shore,
With a captain who’s too proud to say,
That he dropped the oar,
Now a tiny hole has sprung a leak,
In this cheap pontoon.

Now the hull has started growing weak,
And we’re gonna be sinkin’ soon.”

– “Sinkin’ Soon” (Not Too Late, 2007)

5. Don’t let a guy make you wait for him to give you attention while you let your life pass away. At the end of the day, the relationship will fail and you will have nothing to show for the time you wasted on that dude that was just raised “so damn wrong.”

“I’ve been waiting
For your time.
And I’ve been missing
Out on mine.
So tell your father that I said so long,
And thanks for raising you so damn wrong.”

– “Tell Yer Mama” (The Fall, 2009)

6. Understand that some guys are just “too far gone.” Don’t try and rescue them. I know as girls, we like to try and save the bad boys. But, in reality, you can’t change a boy if they don’t want to change. Revel in the fact that they will soon realize the mistake they made in losing you after a while.

“Out on your own now
Do you like the way it feels?
Didn’t I come through?
You were too far gone.”

– “After The Fall” (…Little Broken Hearts, 2012)

7. Finally, though being single may be hard because at times, I’ll admit it, we get lonely. We want someone to care about us and hold us and take us to family gatherings. We do. But just keep on rockin’ with your single self! God is definitely going to bring you the perfect guy if you’ll just be patient and keep an open heart.

“Bless her old heart, do you think she’d complain?
Though life has been bitter she’d live it again,
And carry that cross that is more than her share,
Rocking alone in an old rocking chair.”

– “Rockin’ Alone” (Foreverly, 2013)