Ten Signs Finals are Almost Here

Bailey Campbell, Staff Writer

1. You have lost all motivation to study and/or write your papers.

            We’ve all been here throughout the semester. We hit rock bottom. But for some reason, finals week steals away every inch of motivation we have left. Put on some music, lock yourself in a study room and get your papers done!



2. No one on campus can recognize you at this point… at all.

            Between lack of sleep and your nonexistent motivation to dress yourself as a normal human being before going out in public, no one will recognize you. So don’t worry. Be comfy and be successful!



3. You have used online shopping as a means to procrastinate so much that you have now overdrawn your account… multiple times.

            Why is it that every time we open up our laptops to study for finals, we end up on our favorite clothing store’s website? Not only are we procrastinating, we’re putting our bank accounts in the red. Block those websites!



4. Coffee has somehow become your life support. And you don’t even like coffee!

            Even if you don’t like coffee and never have liked coffee, for some reason it has a whole different appeal to you during finals. Trust me, you’ll need that coffee! Learn to love it!



5. People you’ve never seen before start coming out of their hiding places.

            To quote Mean Girls– “She doesn’t even go here!” You’re going to see people you have NEVER seen before in your life during finals week because well, they’re probably just now choosing to put in the work for their courses in order to pass.



6. You can’t tell if the people in the library are studying or sleeping.

            There will be those people who alternate between sleep and studying in the library. Don’t judge. They’re human, too, and like you, they also need their sleep.



7. You cry… all the time… and cannot stop.

            It’s normal. You’re stressed, you’re overwhelmed, and you feel the need to cry pretty much all the time. You’re not the only one. We’re all secretly hiding out in our rooms having a sob sesh.



8. All you want is to be surrounded by puppies.

            You want to feel the love of a thousand puppies. I get it! Take advantage of all of the activities PC offers during finals week, especially the therapy dogs.



9. You feel like you have accomplished nothing and will never accomplish anything.

            We all question whether or not we are actually going to make something of ourselves in the future. Why are we in college? What are we actually going to do after college? Will we even make it through college? STOP! You can do it! I promise!



10. You can’t stop thinking about your celebratory “Finals Are Over Party.”

            Keep reminding yourself of how awesome it’s going to be once finals are actually over. Be like Tom Haverford and  Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation and “treat yo’self!” You deserve it! You’re going to make it, Hose! Believe in yourself!