PC vs Kennesaw State


Pete Peterson, Staff Writer

This past weekend senior football players, cheerleaders and band members got ready for their last game as a Blue Hose. The Blue Hose were taking on new members of the Big South, Kennesaw State, and looking to pick up their first conference win of the season and send the seniors out on a high note.  The Hose stood tall and played lights out picking up a 14-6 win.

Highlights from this game include Darrell Bridges gaining enough yards to have over a 1000  (1065 to be exact) on the season, a first in PC Division I history. Donelle Williams got nine tackles, giving him a career total of 402 (he had 112 on the year).  Also Ed Britt had his fourth interception of the year, tying the single season record at PC. But the whole team played lights out.

Nerves were high as the game began. Seniors were realizing that this would be their last game as a Blue Hose.  Both defenses played extremely well during the first quarter preventing each other from scoring or really gaining much momentum. Late in the first quarter PC was able to force a fumble and gain the ball and momentum with it; however, they were not able to score any points off the fumble.

The second quarter started off in favor of the Hose. Early in the quarter the Hose were able to take the lead off a Ben Cheek touchdown pass. Following the made PAT the Hose held an early 7-0 lead. Midway through the quarter Kennesaw gained some momentum that resulted in a made field goal. The rest of the quarter was scoreless. Going into halftime the Hose held a 7-3 lead.

The third quarter was boring if you are a fan of offensive showdowns but if you like defensives battles than you would have loved it. Each defense played lights out for the entire quarter. However toward the end of the quarter the tide of the game began to swing in the Hose’s favor.

Nerves were at an all-time high going into the fourth and final quarter of this closely contested game. Early into the quarter Daryl Wilson scored a much needed touchdown and following the made PAT the Hose held 14-3 lead. The defense stepped up and made big plays to prevent the Owls from gaining any momentum (such as an Ed Britt interception). They only allowed a field goal for the entire quarter. When the game came to a close the Hose had won 14-6 letting the seniors go out on a high note.

Tune in next season as the Hose look to rebound on what has been a tough year. It will be tough to replace players like Donelle Williams (all time tackle leader), Ed Britt (Big South player of the year) who should be playing on Sundays next season. As well as players like Snoop Byers or Devron Glenn who have been key contributors since coming to PC.

Good luck to all the seniors (from band to cheerleading to the football players) in their future endeavors, we here at PC expect great things out of you.

Notable stats:


Ben Cheek: 4-7; 1 interception; 1 TD


Darrell Bridges: 19 attempts; 141 yards

Daryl Wilson: 1 attempt; 7 yards; 1 TD


Daryl Wilson: 1 reception; 46 yards


Ed Britt: 10 tackles; 1 interception

Shonquille Byers: 4 tackles

Donelle Williams: 9 tackles