Food for Thought


Moe’s Southwest Grill is a new feature in Springs Campus Center this semester

Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

With the announcement of the new food options at the end of the last school year, many students were excited about the changes to come. After all, it eliminated the 25-minute drive to Simpsonville every time there was a craving for Moe’s or Starbucks. It seemed like an amazing trade-off! But now that the school year has started, many students have been heard grumbling around campus and voicing their opinions. So, to hear exactly get an idea on what the students had to say about our new food choices, we decided to go around campus and interview them.

Junior, Tamia Hayes 

“The food tastes good, but I wish there was a dollar limit instead of limiting the options. Also, Moe’s does not have a gluten free option that is covered under our meal plan, which sucks for people who are on a gluten free diet.”


Freshman, Cassidy Crowder

“I think it’s good, but I wish Starbucks had more options under our meal plan.”


Senior, Aianna Kelly

“During summer school, GDH food just tasted better overall and there was more variety. I’m disappointed they also removed the grill, smoothies and the refrigerated snack thing.”


Freshman, Cassie Nichols

“I like the food options, but I hate that there’s ALWAYS a line at Moe’s.”


Senior, Christina Miller

“I think the options are kind of slim and it’s really expensive when it goes onto your bonus bucks. I miss the smoothies and I wish there was more variety offered in the meal plans.”


Senior, Denzel Brown

“The renovations are great. I do realize that businesses have to survive by taking advantage of any economic opportunity, but they are providing a lot of things that are not covered under our meals. Our bonus bucks are going to run out soon, and I think they know that, so in a way, it is kind of misleading.”


The verdict is in! After interviewing several students, there seems to be some consensus. Many of the students interviewed expressed a desire for more food options covered under our meal plan. Last week several updates were in fact made to our meal exchange options in Springs. Perhaps in the near future, the students’ voices will be heard and even more options will be available under our meal plan. Until then, choose wisely!