Accountant Turned Professor Takes on New Role at PC


Zoe Montague, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Professor Karen Mattison | Photo Courtesy of Presbyterian College
Professor Karen Mattison | Photo Courtesy of Presbyterian College

Professor Karen Mattison may be new to teaching at Presbyterian College this year, but she is already a familiar face on campus. Mattison, who was once a part of the business side of PC, is back this year to share her passion for accounting with students. She had been in the accounting field for over twenty five years before deciding to become a professor.

Mattison first came to PC as an accountant in financial department in 1995. She worked her way up to controller of the college. However, she discovered an interest in teaching when she stepped in for a sick accounting professor at the last minute.

“They needed someone [to teach] in the fall, so I filled in,” Mattison said. “I taught intermediate accounting and that’s when I determined I wanted to teach.”

Her enthusiasm for accounting led Mattison to go back to school to get her master’s degree from Auburn University.

This semester she is instructing Principals of Financial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, and Federal Taxation.

“I love accounting and I like talking to the students about accounting,” Mattison said.

One thing that Mattison eagerly incorporates into her classes is her love for Disney. “I’ve always loved Mickey Mouse. I lived in Orlando growing up,” Mattison said. “In high school if we had a day off from school you could go to Disney and it was fifteen dollars.”

Mattison previously taught at Erskine College, but lives in Clinton.

“I was excited to come back because I love PC students,” Mattison said. “It’s going to be a lot easier to go to sporting events, concerts, be part of the campus.”