Omega Psi Phi and PC Campus Police Stand Together


Photo courtesy of Omega Psi Phi

Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

In light of the recent acts of violence by police that have been in the news, some Presbyterian College students felt the need to address the situation. On Thursday September 29, Omega Psi Phi, PC’s newest fraternity, took a picture with Campus Police in order to send a message to students and faculty making it clear that the Presbyterian College Campus Police Department values every life, and to emphasize that no person’s life is valued over another because of the color of their skin. Instead, these students wanted to focus on the fact that everyone can be for a movement that benefits the greater good of the American people.

“Together we can make a difference, separated we will fail,” said Omega Psi Phi chapter president Micah Culbreth when asked about the intended message of this powerful photograph.

Many times, especially on social media, it is clear that some people view different social movements as one against the other. However, if everyone would take a second to slow down, it would be clear that there is more power in working together.

Furthermore, senior Curtis Bey said, “The object of this picture is not only to further the Black Lives Matter movement, but to help people understand that our law enforcement has a tough job to do, and that they also want to come home to their families.”

Often, it is easy for people on the outside to react based off of emotions and forget that the officers are people just like us who have families and people who they care about. Hopefully, there will soon be a day where the senseless violence will be nonexistent and that we learn to live together as one.