Is Law School Right for You?


Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures

Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

It’s common for prospective law students to waver when making the decision whether to apply to and attend law school. Many students wonder if they truly have enough passion to become a lawyer, while others ask themselves if law school is worth their investment of time and money.

Once you decide that law school is the right place for you, you have to start preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Preparing for this test is very time consuming and difficult, but it can be done. Some of the best study tools on the market are made by the Power Score company. This company provides a video for every concept that the LSAT covers and subsequently provides practice questions to hone those skills. Even through all of the study tools that are on the market, the most important aspect of preparing for the LSAT is taking many practice tests in order to gauge your progress.

At Presbyterian College, there are many opportunities available through the Pre-Law department for the prospective law student, such as an event with PC alumni on Friday, Oct. 28, “Life as a 1L: What Law School is Really Like” (location and time TBA). There will be PC alumni who have recently begun law school to discuss what law school is really like and to give current students advice about how to best prepare for law school while at PC.

Also, join Dr. McAdams’ “Writing the Personal Statement” Workshop on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. in H-P 207 for tips for writing your personal statement for your law school application. She’ll cover what to do (and what not to do!) in your personal statement. This session is primarily for juniors and seniors who are applying to law schools soon. Students are encouraged to bring drafts of their personal statements, if they have them, to the workshop.

Finally, any student who is interested in taking a Practice LSAT before the September and December LSAT exams should contact Dr. McAdams at [email protected] ASAP to schedule a time and day to take a practice exam. Please plan for the exam to take approx. 3 hours. Of course, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. McAdams if you have questions about the pre-law program or would like individualized advice as you consider and prepare for law school!

When it comes time to take the LSAT, stay calm, relax, and remember all that you’ve studied!