Did PC Students Rock the Vote?


Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

On the heels of an election that was historic in many ways, there are mixed and heightened emotions around the country and even around our campus. Some people are elated that their candidate won while others are nervous about the direction of the country and the possible backslide of America’s founding values. Also, since the election, many polls have come out that have stated that the millennials involved in this election voted in historic numbers. But what about PC’s own students? We surveyed students (some before, and some after) the election about their voting habits, posing them the question: Did you vote?

“No…I’m bad, I don’t know what’s going on. I watch the news; I just don’t know when the election is…” Anonymous

“No. I did not have time to vote and I did not get my absentee ballot. Also, I do not believe strongly in either candidate so I didn’t really see the point.” – Sophomore, Maddie Kocoloski

“No. I never found the time to register. If I were to vote, it would be a tough choice because I believe they are both not the best for the position and choosing the better between two evils would be difficult.” – Sophomore, Kylie Young

“Yes, I did. I voted because every vote matters and I wanted to make a difference in our country.” When asked about her thoughts on the election, she said, “I mean, it is what it is . . . I must say that I am shocked.” – Senior, Kaycie Reffner

“Yes I voted. I realize that millions of African Americans before me fought for the opportunity to vote and I felt that it was my duty to exercise that right.” – Freshman, Meredith Foster

“No. I didn’t vote because I did not get an absentee ballot early enough.” When asked about her thoughts about the election, she said, “It’s sketch and it shouldn’t have ended the way that it did.” – Freshman, Riley Hemm

Clearly, some students felt the need to get out and cast their ballot, while others did not quite see the importance or how their vote would make an impact. Nonetheless, the fact remains that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. Whether he was your choice or not, it is important to realize that he is now the leader of the free world and we should want him to do well for the good of our country.