Students Respond to Obama’s Legacy


Obama signing the Affordable Care Act into law. | Wikimedia Commons

Kendra Talley, Staff Writer

After eight years as President of the United States, it was time for America to say goodbye to President Barack Obama, who had undoubtedly led our country through some tough times. As with any President, some people were excited to welcome the next one into office, while others were sad to see him leave. No matter your position, it’s safe to say that President Obama was someone who broke down certain barriers and left a legacy. The question is, however, what is that legacy? Presbyterian’s Political Science Department Chair, Booker Ingram, shared some of his personal thoughts on President Obama’s legacy. After the article was released, PC students were able to offer their own feedback about the article and their thoughts about Obama’s legacy. After careful studying of the responses, it seems that many students here at PC believe that President Obama’s time in the White House was very positive and helped to create many benefits for the American people, though this was not a universal sentiment.

Senior Allie Cobb credits her appreciation towards President Obama’s presidency to the fact that he chose to appoint two women, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, to the Supreme Court. Cobb believes these appointments show that President Obama worked to help make America a more representative democracy for everyone.

Other students used personal experience to justify their gratitude for President Obama. One student noted that being from a small town had helped her to see just how beneficial Obamacare truly was for the people around her. Furthermore, the student attributed the efforts that President Obama displayed to help bring down the level of unemployment to helping her father find a job after losing his job shortly before Obama’s initial election.

Even though a large number of students believe that President Obama had a successful presidency, there are some students who don’t agree. Just as some students appreciate everything Obamacare did for their community, others note the high premiums for senior citizens and the fact that it became too expensive for some people to maintain. Also, contrary to Dr. Ingram’s assertion that Obama’s presidency was scandal-free, some students cited the Benghazi situation as evidence that President Obama was not a scandal-free leader of foreign policy.

Though there will never be a president that has the approval of every citizen of the United States, it is important to generate conversation in hopes that the voices of the citizens will be heard by the government that is elected to lead us. Here at PC, we encourage students to speak up about their beliefs and get involved in their local governments to help make a change for the better because anyone has the potential to make a difference!