How to prepare for Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma is predicted to hit Miami, Florida early Sunday morning.

Libby Fowler and Zoe Montague

The end of August and beginning of September bring the start of a new school year, the beginning of fall, and the threat of hurricanes. Clinton is no stranger to the effects of these storms, and PC once again finds itself preparing for another potential disaster.

Hurricane Irma is predicted to hit American soil at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. If it continues along its expected path, Irma will reach Clinton late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. By this time it will have decreased from a hurricane to a tropical storm. According to the National Hurricane Center, in a tropical storm wind speed range between 39 and 73 miles per hour.

So, what can students do to prepare? “I think the best thing to do for the time being is to keep monitoring the situation with Irma as it develops,” Dr. Don Raber said. Raber said that the college is monitoring the storm’s progress and will continue to send out updates as more information is learned.

He also reminds students to be aware of strong winds and to remember the protocol for a tornado watch or warning.  “If a tornado warning is issued, immediately report to the lowest level possible in your residence hall and go to a windowless area near the inside center of the building,” he said.

Students should contact their RA or RD to learn the assigned severe weather shelter areas for their dorms or for buildings around campus, should heavy rain or severe winds occur.