Family Weekend gives students and parents the chance to experience college together


What is one thing that surprised you about PC? “How open the professors are to help you.” Sarah Smith (left), freshman Pre-Pharmacy major. With Madison Ladines (right). Photograph by Alex Barrus.

by Libby Fowler & Zoe Montague | Co-Editors-in-Chief

The evening of Friday, September 22, PC students, parents, faculty and alumni enjoyed refreshments as they gathered in the Cornelson Center of the newly renovated Neville Hall. This drop-in reception, sponsored by President Staton and the Parents Council, helped to kick off a beloved PC tradition.

What do you miss most about home? “My bed.” Rocky Pitts (left), freshman Business major. With Mary Keel (right). Photograph by Alex Barrus.

Family Weekend is one of the campus’s most popular events as it welcomes all members of the PC family (whether extended or immediate). The BlueStocking staff decided to survey the reception’s attendees, in order to gauge how students and parents view PC differently. All who chose to participate in the survey were then entered to win a care package for themselves or their student.

What is one thing you have learned as the parent of a college student? “A lot of personal, academic and spiritual growth takes place in these four years.” Mel D’Amico (left) and Ellen D’Amico, junior Physics-Engineering major (right). Photograph by Alex Barrus.

Shockingly, many students admitted to hiding things from their parents this weekend. Answers ranged from disguising bad study habits to weekend activities. Kate Green, a junior History major, stated “I would’ve hid my junk food, but I already ate it all.” Her spirit adeptly summarizes the mindset of a typical college student.

Many students had similar responses regarding their favorite thing about PC. Ashlee Anderson, a senior Psychology major, loves how she has “relationships with everyone.” Although only first-year student, Sarah Smith agrees with this sentiment, appreciating “the community and small class sizes.”

While students claim independence, they still maintain frequent contact with their parents.  The majority of responses stated that students communicate with their parents everyday.  The parents’ responses echoed these findings. To protect her child’s pride, one mother preferred to respond anonymously, saying “[the student] probably doesn’t want me to say, but [we talk] most days.”

How did you find out about PC? “Girls State.” Katrina Bailey (middle), Wayne Bailey (right) and Brenna Bailey (left), junior History and Political Science major. Photograph by Alex Barrus.

The constant contact helps parents during their child’s absence. Mel D’Amico shared that “It’s pretty lively when she’s home. I miss the noise.” Mary Keel was much more succinct, stating that she misses “everything.”

Much was learned from this small survey. Although students are living away from their parents, events like Family Weekend give students an opportunity to be openly excited about inviting their family into their college experience.

Congratulations to Riley Swindell for winning the care package! It will be headed your way soon.

What is one thing that surprised you about PC? “How much of a safe zone it is.” Ashlee Anderson, senior Psychology major.Photograph by Alex Barrus.
What is one thing you have learned as the parent of a college student? “College students are more moody than at home.” Eddie Fowler (right). With Libby Fowler, senior English and French majors (middle), and Beth Fowler (left). Photograph by Alex Barrus.
What is one thing that surprised you about PC? “The personal relationships that you develop.” Gio Kene sophomore Bio-Chemistry, Political Science majors. Photograph by Alex Barrus.
What do you think of all the new renovations? “I think they are great! Things fit together.” President Robert Staton (left). With Phyllis Staton (right). Photograph by Alex Barrus.
What do you think of all the new renovations? “They are a great addition. They are modern. but still have an old feel.” Amanda Dowdle, Office of Advancement. Photograph by Alex Barrus.
How is working at PC different than being a student? “It’s nice to watch the drama and not be the drama.” Reverend Rachel Parsons-Wells (left), Religious Life. With Libby Fowler (right). Photograph by Alex Barrus.
What is your favorite thing about PC? “Soft-serve ice cream.” Brady Hill, freshman Pre-pharmacy major. Photograph by Alex Barrus.