Tri Sigma members reflect on their Bid Day experience


Photograph by Alex Barrus. The average sorority size at PC is 80 members.

Denise Devaney

by Denise Devaney | Social Media Editor

Bid Day 2017 was an exciting first for many, and a bittersweet last for the senior sorority sisters. With insight on Bid Day from first year Kiley Shelley and senior Bea DiBona, the highlights of this process are revealed.

As a freshman, Shelley had some preconceived ideas that she brought with her to Bid Day. Shelley stated, “I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened. I was extremely nervous at first because I was nervous I wasn’t going to be accepted, but I definitely felt like I was.” She was very surprised about everyone’s high energy as well as their enthusiasm about getting to know each new member.

Initially, Shelley did not plan to go through recruitment. However, she changed her mind. “I had a couple people talk to me and tell me it would be really fun, and if I didn’t want to go through with it at the end I could decide to drop.” She continued, “By the end of the second night I was excited for it.”

Shelley eventually chose Tri Sigma for a number of reasons. “The group dynamic is a lot different than the other sororities,” she stated.  “The other sororities are great, but I felt Tri Sigma was so close and very welcoming.” She could also personally relate to the philanthropy, March of Dimes, because her brother is often sick and goes to the hospital frequently. Overall, Bid Day was very exciting for Kiley, to the point where she was too excited to sleep the night before.

Through the years, senior Bea DiBona has witnessed many changes regarding Bid Day.  “I’ve only gotten to participate in bid day three times: once when I was a new member running down the stairs and twice on the other side catching new members. Both were very exciting and [gave a] different perspective,” she expressed.  However, the primary manner in which each year was different from the one before “are the themes and the level of involvement.”

DiBona recalls her first Bid Day with fondness. “Many people hugged me and wanted to take pictures, and they didn’t even know me, but they showed just how much they wanted to know me and were glad I was there, and that meant a lot to me.” 

She did not go through recruitment until her sophomore year. “I decided to go through it because I saw other girls find their homes and groups of friends that they spent so much time with and seemed to love unconditionally, and I wanted to be a part of something like that. I was looking for a group of girls to become close with and to serve the community and each other with, and I think that’s exactly what I found with Sigma.” 

DiBona had her own reasons for choosing Tri Sigma. “The recruitment process can be very confusing and stressful, but throughout the entire process I always felt at ease when I was at a Sigma party or talking about the sisters there. It’s hard to explain why, but I just felt less nervous at their parties and felt as though I could be exactly who I was, and they loved having me there. I could see myself at home with them and ultimately decided to run their way.”

Regardless of one’s year at PC, Bid Day has always been exciting to its participants. DiBona stated, “It’s a day where you get to show pride in your sorority and be over the top with everything you do. There’s chanting, dressing up and pictures and laughter and just so much good energy it’s hard to be anything but in good spirits on Bid Day.”

As a senior, DiBona enjoyed her final Bid Day more than ever before. “I was more excited and pumped to have new members joining Sigma because I realized how this would be my last chance to show them just how exciting and meaningful being a part of a sorority can be.” She added, “I was able to be at the front of the crowd and catch so many of the girls I had hoped would run our way. My last bid day was definitely my best, and I’ll always remember and cherish it.”

Although the experiences during Bid Day are different for first years and seniors, all participants had only good things to say.