Greek Life puts PC motto into action


Around 45 percent of students at PC are affiliated with Greek Life.

by Kate Green | Staff Writer

Presbyterian College Greek Life is made up of three sororities and seven fraternities. About 50 percent of the student population here at Presbyterian College is Greek Life. That’s a large amount of affiliated men and women on our campus. The three sororities are Tri-Sigma, Alpha Delta Pi, and Zeta Tau Alpha and the six fraternities are Alpha Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Pi, Sigma Nu, and Theta Chi, and Omega Psi Phi.

Each of these organizations have philanthropies; which is the main purpose of these organizations. Tri-Sigma’s philanthropy is Robbie Page Memorial. Robbie Page or also known as RPM was created after the founder of Tri-Sigma lost her son to polio. She wanted to make sure that no child die from the disease, as well as make sure every child feels like a child.

Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House, which focuses on the families who are struggling financially while their children are sick in a hospital.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy focuses on breast cancer education and awareness.

The fraternities also have philanthropies Alpha Sigma Pi focuses on Homes for our Troops, Kappa Alpha Order focuses on Muscular Dystrophy Association, Omega Psi Phi focuses to attract and build a strong effective men, Pi Kappa Alpha focuses on Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation, Pi Kappa Phi focuses on The Ability Experience, Sigma Nu focuses on Helping Hand Initiative and Theta Chi helps with the United Service Organization (USO).

Joining a sorority can offer a lot of different opportunities along with the chance for service. Brenna Ashe, a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha stated, “It has introduced me to a great group of women that have challenged me to be the best person I can be and I’ve made some amazing friendships along the way.”

Erin Register, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, joined “because of the instant connection I had with the girls when I was going through recruitment. Each girl I talked to was genuine and that’s what drew me to them, and how I have lifelong friends.”

This desire to meet new people seems to be a common thread through those affiliated with Greek Life.“I wanted to be able to meet new people, even those who didn’t become my sisters,” Harper Hutson said.

Here at Presbyterian College, the sisterhood and brotherhood is shared within an amazing group of individuals. Greek Life community, works together to make not just our PC community but the community around us a better place. By adopting the same motto as the college, “While We live, We serve,” Greek Life members actively work to serve others.