The Sigma Sisters at Robbie Page Memorial


by Kate Green | Greek Life Correspondent

On January 20, the sisters of Tri Sigma visited the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital to get the chance to see their philanthropy in action. While visiting the Children’s Hospital, the sisters were given the opportunity to spend time with a sick child in need of a smile. Each of the sisters brought different activities and games for the children.

This legacy of visiting the UNC Children’s Hospital began 120 years ago. Each year the sisters come and are allowed to meet with the children for thirty minutes.

The Tri Sigma Foundation has created play atriums for children of all ages in several hospitals throughout the United States. Each play atrium honors Tri Sigma’s founding member’s son who passed away from polio as a young child.

The Tri Sigma Foundation honors the young boy, Robbie Page, by not only hanging a portrait of him in the play atriums, but by making sure every child gets the chance to be a child while in a hospital.

“Being given the opportunity to place a smile on a sick child’s face is what it means to be a Tri Sigma,” junior Harper Hudson said.

Tri Sigma’s main goal as an organization is to serve children. The memories that each sister makes while visiting the UNC Children’s Hospital provide the hope that, as an organization, changes are being made and smiles are being formed on not only the children’s faces, but the parents as well.