What is Big Man on Campus?


Denise Devaney

by Denise Devaney | Social Media Editor 

Big Man on Campus, sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha, is taking place on March 28th at 8 pm in Belk Auditorium. Junior Brenna Ashe, Vice President of Zeta Tau Alpha, has been very involved in planning this year’s event. “Big Man on Campus started two years before Kate and I were freshmen. It’s an event that chapters at bigger schools have put on that had really good success with it,” she said.

The chapter advisors of Zeta Tau Alpha felt like this would be a good opportunity to unite the entirety of PC’s campus. Ashe explained that, “The first year that [our chapter] tried [Big Man on Campus], it went pretty well, so [it became an annual event that we’ve hosted] because again it can get the whole campus involved and has a platform to talk about Breast Cancer education and awareness and our three philanthropic partners.”

Big Man on Campus is unique in that it features a different theme each year. “The layout is the same every year, but the theme is different, so people aren’t sitting through the same event over and over,” Ashe said. “Last year it was ‘a pink tie affair,’ and the year before that it was ‘Are you man enough to wear the crown?’ This year it is Grease themed, so the opening number is going to have Grease music.”

Ashe then described the show itself. “We’re going to have sisters who are going to walk the contestants on stage at first during the introduction, so they don’t get nervous and go where they need to go. Anthony Rice, who was Big Man on Campus last year, is going to host the event. He has this big opening number planned out, and the [nine plus] contestants that were nominated by RSOs are going to walk out and introduce themselves and say a little bit about themselves, like what year they are, what major they are, and stereotypical questions you would find on eharmony like ‘What do you like to do in your free time?’ ‘Do you like walks on the beach?’ [and] ‘what’s your favorite type of dog?’”

After this point in the show, the contestants will have a talent round. Ashe continued by explaining that the contestants will “have a formal wear competition where they’re asked an on-stage question. [It will just be] questions that will help us get to know the contestants. In between each of those breaks, we’re going to have women speak about our philanthropy and our philanthropic partners and then we have a video we’re going to show.”

The contestants will all be wearing “Pink Ladies” jackets and will open with white t-shirts, jeans, and converse to keep the theme going. There are also shirts that have the “Greased Lightning” on the back, which will be available for spectators to purchase.

There is not a complete list of contestants yet, but every organization on campus has a chance to nominate a representative. Each sorority is represented by one person while each fraternity is represented by two people.    

Students have many opportunities to buy tickets in order to attend this event. Ashe discussed the options: “We’re going to be selling tickets in Springs in the lobby at a table everyday from now until the day leading up to the event. They’re $5 at the table and then $10 at the door, so if you want to come, get your tickets early. There will be a table with a pink tablecloth and some pink ribbons with at least two sisters there from 10:50 until about 1:00.”

Rice put on popular show last year, due to his performance of two songs by Beyoncé. This year he has an opening and closing act! “He adds a whole other dynamic in component to the event that Bri Kennedy has planned,” Ashe added.

Dr. Campbell and Lisa McCoy are some of the judges for the contest, among others. Be on the lookout for a post-event article!