A restructured Religious Life Department


Reverend Rachel Parsons-Wells is often called “RPDubs” by students.

by Jenna Seubarran | Staff Writer

Originally, the Religious Life Department was structured to bring all the different religious groups together on campus, for example Ukirk (the Presbyterian bible study) and ReThink (the Methodist bible study). Reverend Rachel Parsons-Wells (RPW), the head of the Religious Life Department, has been leading the religious organizations through a period of change.

Her goal is to take Religious Life and Student Volunteer Services and get them to work together instead of separately. RPW states that “The religious groups are really good at reflection, and the service groups are really good at doing stuff, but we really need to mix the two together…to really have an impactful experience (at PC).”

One of the recently implemented changes was the creation of the Religious Life and Service Council. This is a biweekly meeting between the leaders of every religious and service group on campus. This meeting serves as a space where the groups can coordinate to work together and announce what has been happening in their little chunk on campus.

By bringing these two groups together, the PC motto of Dum Vivimus Servimus, “While We Live, We Serve,” can truly come into effect. The easiest way for students to come together, despite their religious backgrounds, is to serve. Especially because service is something that people of all faith can agree upon.

With a growing Interfaith Population on campus, it is believed that everyone can come to serve others, while also using the opportunity to learn about those they walk the halls with. RPW believes that great things are to come during this school year from the two departments corresponding.