Student Life intern is excited to grow intramural and club sports


by Reeves Bridges | Staff Writer

One of the new members of the Presbyterian College staff is Brandon Hart.

Hart came to PC for a variety of reasons. “One is the staff, two is the students I got to interact with while I was here for my interview, and three was the opportunity to oversee intramural and club sports. I know [intramural and club sports 

are] under student involvement under Daniel, so taking it over was really good opportunity for me,” Hart said.

Originally, Hart is from New Jersey. “[I] moved here from New York after two years, since I had just graduated and I was 

not far removed.”

Brandon found PC via the internet during a vacation. “In the summer I traveled, since after undergraduate I started working right away. I actually found [Presbyterian] while I was on a beach.” He visited Brazil and Canada before arriving in South Carolina.

“I have three siblings who live in Atlanta, and my mother went to Hampton, but I am new to South Carolina… I really like it. 

People will be nice and acknowledge you, but in Jersey it wasn’t like that. It was very standoffish. It is night and day. From the biggest city in the world and Los Angeles, where I also lived, to here has been a culture shock. But, it has been an easy transition thanks to the staff and students here.”

Hart loves the uniqueness of PC. He said,  “It has a sense of pride, and while it isn’t big, it has a big presence in the community around. I do not feel like a number, and the size makes it much more engaging.”

Increasing involvement in intramural and club sports is Hart’s goal while he’s here. “Here at PC, right now, [my goal] is to organize the policies in place for club and intramural sports, and figure out how to grow into programs such as cornhole and E-sports,” Hart said. He hopes to be able to lean on his experiences as a student to help accomplish his objectives.

“College is hard, like it is not easy, so going through it and being only a year removed, I can relate to it. Sophomores especially are in the thick of things, and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel…It’s doable, so have fun while you’re there.”