Brave a local haunted house this Halloween


by Amy Betz | Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you prefer something a little more exciting than a scary movie, visiting a haunted house is a thrilling way to get spooked. Here are four great scare attractions near campus that will make this Halloween a night to remember.

Nightmare Dungeon in Greenville is held in a century-old, two-story farmhouse. Visitors explore the building through many twists and turns, while fog effects, strobe lights, pitch-black sections and scare actors combine to create a disorienting experience. There’s no way to know what lurks around each corner, and the end of the journey provides an unforgettable twist ending! Nightmare Dungeon is located at 645 Old Anderson Road in Greenville, 46 miles away from campus; admission is $30 per adult.

Nightmare Hollow in Spartanburg is a haunted trail along the banks of the Tyger River. This thirty-minute experience takes advantage of the eeriness of walking alone late at night, deep in the woods, with no one to hear you except the nightmarish creatures lurking among the trees. This haunt takes place at 3411 Reidville Road in Spartanburg, only 35 miles from campus. Tickets are $20 for adult individuals and $35 for adult couples.

PC students may recognize Madworld from its prolific billboard advertisements and its unique facade, which can be seen along the side of highway I-385. This haunt is also well-known for its terrifyingly detailed creatures and over-the-top effects; visitors may encounter pyrotechnic effects, actors on trapeze equipment, animatronics, and more. The costumed characters that appear in the haunt’s advertising will pose for photos with guests outside the attraction, and the grounds include picnic areas, as well as bonfires for colder nights. “No Scare Medallions” are also available for those who wish to experience the technical artistry of the attraction without being stalked or startled by ghouls. Madworld is located at 147 Country Manor Road in Piedmont. General admission costs $30, and a No Scare Medallion is an additional $5.

Finally, Sweet Dreams Scare House is a relatively new attraction in Easley; this Blue Stocking reporter and haunted house enthusiast gives it the best review out of these four attractions. The haunt features a variety of differently-themed mini-houses, such as a cannibal’s kitchen, a mad clown’s slaughterhouse, and a haunted circus. Between these houses, guests walk along an eerie trail through the deep woods, where they’re followed by a variety of creepy creatures. For those seeking even bigger thrills, Sweet Dreams offers Rated R tours, in which the actors can get hands-on, and maybe even pull guests off into the darkness. This year, the haunt also offers an escape room experience, which is free with the price of admission. Sweet Dreams is located at 250 Saco Lowell Road in Easley, 53 miles from campus. Admission is $18 for adults, and Rated R tours are an additional $2.