Reeves Claps Back!

“Could the BEST High School Team Beat the WORST College Team?”

Reeves Bridges, Copy Editor

On the ever-expanding world of YouTube, there is a video featuring our beloved Presbyterian College. The video titled, “Could the BEST High School Team Beat the WORST College Team?” was posted by deefying on October 10, 2019 ( At the time of writing this article, there were 208,938 views, with 3.5K likes and 100 dislikes.

The video is focused on if Mater Dei High School’s football team could beat Presbyterian College’s football team in a game. His evidence is based on Mater Dei outscoring their opponents by such wide margins and how PC this season has been outscored significantly. The video begins to deteriorate into poor attempts at being funny instead of as an actual structured analysis of what would truly happen in a game: Presbyterian College would dominate the younger and less experienced high school players. 

deefying’s analysis of Mater Dei is limited to the amount of 3 star or higher prospects the high school has and how they have outscored their opponents 314-96. Those are impressive stats, no doubt about that. But other than that, all he states is that they are athletic and have a better passing game because they have three 4-star wide receivers. Mater Dei does have the number 2 ranked quarterback in the nation who is committed to Alabama, but deefying sleeps on the impact that additional years can play. 

deefying uses Presbyterian College in the video because we are ranked 126 out of 126 FCS colleges. But he does not know or mention anything of the recent changes to our football program. He also mentions how PC has been outscored 179-79, yet does not mention anything about the significant difference in the quality of opponents between the two teams. He tries to argue that PC’s run-heavy offense would be overwhelmed, but there is an insane difference in the development of the players at that time. 

What would really happen if these two teams were to play one another? While Mater Dei may be able to have impressive plays from their Air Raid Offense, the defensive players here at PC would obliterate some of the players at Mater Dei. deefying does briefly mention this part, but there are starters at Mater Dei that are SOPHOMORES. These players would not be able to maintain the dominance they have had against other high schoolers. The PC athletes are simply more developed, more experienced and have more to prove than Mater Dei.