Want to be an RA? Applications are due tomorrow night!

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Want to be an RA? Applications are due tomorrow night!

Brittney Atkins, Layout Editor

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It’s that time of year again! Residence Life is hiring new Resident Assistants for the 2020-2021 school year. Applications are now available on the PC website – the link is below. Applications are due Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 11:59 pm for priority consideration.

Here are some of the reasons to apply to be a Resident Assistant:

  • There will be opportunities to meet new people/make new friends
  • You will become more aware of what’s going on around campus (renovations/constructions/changes, events, etc…)
  • It’s more marketable for future employers because of the skills you gain
  • It gives you a chance for a reduced occupancy room/suite
  • You get to plan events for everyone to enjoy
  • It gives flexible hours compared to other campus jobs
  • You will build relationships with Campus Police, Campus Life staff and other offices
  • You will improve your leadership skills
  • You’ll learn how to mediate conflicts and handle challenging situations
  • You’ll be able to challenge yourself and go outside your comfort zone.
  • it gives you a chance to build community with others on campus 

         Working for Residence Life is a great way to build relationships, both with other staff members and with residents. Residence Life is also a great way to express your creativity by decorating bulletin boards and planning programs.

The application is located here: https://www.presby.edu/campus-life/residence-life/residence-life-forms-links/new-resident-assistant-application/